Practice Areas

Employment Arbitration & Mediation Read More

Employment arbitrations usually involve statutory or common law issues and individual claimants, although multiple claimants and class actions can occur. They can involve litigated issues as varied as claims of unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful discharge, employment contracts, employee benefits, ERISA claims, withdrawal liability, and any of the myriad disputes that can arise between employers and employees.

Labor Arbitration Read More

Labor-management arbitrations usually arise under the grievance and arbitration procedures of collective bargaining agreements between employers and unions representing defined units of employees. The arbitration agreement will specify the issues subject to arbitration and the procedures for designating the arbitrator and for conducting the arbitration.

Employee Benefit Arbitration & Mediation Read More

These issues arise under contracts of employment, employee benefit plan documents, or statutes and are equally-well able to be addressed in arbitration and mediation. They can involve determination of individual claims for benefits, appeals of claim denials, employer obligations under plans, plan administration disputes, and settlor issues.

Impartial Conflict Management Read More

These are non-traditional alternative dispute resolution services to identify and address problems that produce workplace conflict so as to solve them before they evolve into full-blown disputes. Examples include Investigation and Fact-Finding, Facilitation of the Interactive Process Under the ADA, and Crisis Intervention. Parties can also custom-design programs and procedures to manage specific existing disputes or sources of future conflict.